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01 Oct 10
From October 1, 2010 you can buy tickets for AFF screenings and special events

From October 1, 2010 tickets are available from the festival website for the screenings and special events of the first AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL.

Screenings will be held at the HELIOS cinema. Tickets for the first two morning screenings will cost 13 PLN (single ticket) or 12 PLN (if you buy 10 or more tickets), while in the afternoon the prices are 16 PLN per single ticket and 15 PLN if you buy 10 or more.

Tickets are also available for the opening screening of the audiovisual project Rebirth of a Nation (Wednesday, October 20, 7 p.m., Helios 1), and for the concert (ETER club, vaults of the Helios cinema, Wednesday, October 20, 10 p.m.) by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky.

Tickets for the Rebirth of a Nation performance: 40 PLN (regular), 20 PLN (for pass holders); tickets for DJ Spooky's concert: 30 PLN (regular), 20 PLN (for pass holders); tickets for the performance and the concert: 60 PLN (regular), 30 PLN (for pass holders). Tickets for the DJ Spooky's concert and performance are also available at the ETER club, from Empik stores and from the website www.ticketpro.pl.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the shopping cart icon next to each screening and event title.

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